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Be The Life Of A Party By Learning To Be A Good Conversationalist

Be The Life Of A Party By Learning To Be A Good Conversationalist

Have you ever attended a party where you lurked around with a glass in hand waiting for the celebrations to be over so that you can make your escape? Or have you looked on with envy as a colleague who joined on the same date as you did mingled with the crowd whereas you wished

How To Stay Calm In Stressful Situations

Let us be clear about one thing; stress is part of life no matter how good a life you have, there is nothing to keep you from having to face stressful situations. That is why it makes more sense to learn how to handle stress head on instead of running from it.  Having said that

15 Effective Behavior Management Strategies

There are many situations in life where the behavior of people in your life is such that you simply cannot bear it. In most cases, it is not possible to control the behavior of others to a large extent but there are certain people in your life including you whose behavior that you can control.

Simple Easy Ways To Deal With Stress

In an ideal life, most of us will not have to deal with stress but it is not an ideal world neither do people have an ideal life. The fact is, today life at all levels is full of stress and that is why it becomes important for people to learn ways to deal with