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The Power Of Words And How They Can Hurt Or Heal

The Power Of Words And How They Can Hurt Or Heal

You may have heard the cliché ‘sticks and stones can hurt my bones but words cannot hurt me’. While we believe this is true in  the physical sense, it is only true in that sense. Words have the power to hurt others and that too at a level that is not visible and thereby difficult

40 Quotes About Being Different

The sad truth of life is that while each and every one of us different but we spend our life trying to conform to some image of what others think we ought to be. That is because most people mock or despise or even fear something that is different from the norm. while being different

10 Powerful Positive Thinking Techniques

Can you think of anyone in our lives who cannot benefit from positive thoughts? We are sure that there is no one who cannot benefit from these thoughts. However, we also know that positive thoughts and techniques are not easy to come by. Here are some powerful positive thinking techniques that you can use to