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Learn How To Be A Guest Everyone Would Love To Have Over

Learn How To Be A Guest Everyone Would Love To Have Over

Just imagine this – you have just finished having lunch and cleared out the kitchen and you are looking forward to a nice nap. After all, it is the weekend and your family (husband, two kids and a dog) are settled in front of the television. The doorbell rings and when you open the door,

How To Maintain Balance Between Work And Family?

When it comes to our lives as grownups, two main aspects tend to have an impact on our lives; one being our work and the other being our family. Most of us spend our lives trying to manage both aspects and feeling as if we are short-changing one or the other. Having a balance between

Housework – Is It A Boon Or Bane?

The whole world has evolved and there is so much advancement in technology that every task that used to take a lot of time has become quicker and easier to do. The means of communication has seen a lot of advancement and so have the means of travel. Actually, the touch of magic that technology

Sibling Rivalry – What It Means And How To Deal With It

Sibling rivalry is something that exists in families where there are more than one child though people who are single children themselves, can never relate to this as they always long for a brother or sister. Simply put sibling rivalry is the rivalry that springs between siblings. While this by itself may not be such